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These images are often artwork in themselves: woodcuts, fine prints, sketches, chromolithographs, or steel and copper engravings. These superb images have been captured from physical documents, electronically refined, and made available in digital format for immediate download—individually or as a set.

There are numerous categories to search, including alphabets, people, weapons, civil war, presidents, fashions, animals, transportation, buildings, and nature. It's fast, easy, and royalty free!

These images are great design ideas and clip art for crafts, books, t-shirts, presentations, and websites.


Full Sized JPEG - US$3.99
JPEG Set - US$3.99
There are 300 pixels to the inch.

Full Sized JPEG is 1219 x 1083 pixels

JPEG Set contains 3 images - one each of 200, 350, and 600 pixels wide or high depending on image shape

Battle of Shiloh-Noon
This is a map of the Battle of Shiloh, which was fought during the American Civil WAr on April 6, 1862 at noon.

Product Code: 8264


Original Format: Print
Actual files do not contain the watermark shown on the sample.

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